The Henrietta Hotel,
Covent Garden

Yesterday was filled with a few meetings and events that were all in and around the Covent Garden area. I always have a couple of breaks in the day so I can dedicate time to emails & phone calls, so during one of my breaks I headed to the newly opened Henrietta Hotel. I’ve been quite eager for this place to open for a few reasons..

  • I love hotels 😀
  • I’m very familiar with the Covent Garden area and so I love when new things pop up, as it means more life is being breathed into an already culturally rich area.
  • Dabbous was one of my favourite restaurants when it was open and Henrietta’s is being run by Ollie Dabbous, so yeah..

I popped in, grabbed a Whiskey Sour, bumped into Eimear, and sat at one of the window tables and enjoyed all of the natural light the hotel features.


The emerald, grey & gold accents made the decor a dream for me, especially against the dark woods & exposed brick walls. As you walk towards the back of the restaurant you’ll find stairs on the left that lead to even more of the hotel’s restaurant that sits on a mezzanine level which was so cute and almost secret-like, which means cosy, low-key evenings at Henrietta are a must. The staff were friendly & attentive and the overall atmosphere was really lovely, a few words to describe the place?

Calm, bright, rich and private.

I had to dash and so didn’t order food but rest assured that as well as the hotel rooms will be on the arva site soon.


The Henrietta Hotel
14 – 15 Henrietta Street
 London, WC2E 8QH

Restaurant Reservations
E:  eat@henriettahotel.com
T:  +44 203 794 5314

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